About Horncraft

The group started 1988 when Håkan Nyqvist met hornplayers Tommy Knutsson and Anders Kjellberg and Stefan Gustafsson working in a theatre in Stockholm. Together with a rythmsection and legendary saxplayer Tommy Koverhult, we played off and on in Stockholm. The City Museum, Jazzclub Fasching and other places. We were offered a chance to record a CD by the Swedish royaly organisation STIM and the recording began at Atlantis studios 9/11 2001 featuring Brittish saxophonist Stan Sulzman along with Tommy Koverhult. The CD HORNCRAFT was released 2002 and was very well recieved among the critics.

HORNCRAFT today is a unique jazzgroup with a sound of its own and capable of producing ”salubrious well-written jazz that makes you sit up and listen”. We have an extensive book of tunes to choose from, with a lot of originals as well as jazz standards and evergreens.

At precent we are working with a Jazz and Poetry-project called ”Heavens Secret” (Himlens Hemlighet, in Swedish) wich has an original text by Swedish writer, KARIN POPPIUS, inspired by a theatre play called Himlens Hemlighet, by Swedish Nobelprice winner, Per Lagerkvist. The text is existential and gives the listener a choise of many interpretations. The music is a suite composed of differently coloured themes with improvised parts interacting with the lyrics as performed by Karin Poppius.

Musiker Horncraft
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